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Art History & Museum Studies Requirements

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Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History (36 or 39 credits)

Art History majors pursue either a Capstone track (36 credits), intended for students who plan on pursuing graduate school opportunities, or the Internship track (39 credits), intended for students interested in professional development.

The track should be determined in consultation with AH faculty, and students should determine and declare their track by the second semester of their junior year.

All courses below are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.

Required of all Art History majors:
+AH 250 (HIST 215) Art through the Ages I
+AH 251 Art through the Ages II

AH 450 Art Historical Methods & Careers

One of the following:
+AH 130 Introduction to Classical Studies
+AH 323 (HIST 321) Ancient Greece
+AH 324 (HIST 322) Ancient Rome
+AH 326 Christian through Byzantine

One of the following:
+WI-AH 343 The Medieval World
+AH 345 The Renaissance
+AH 346 Baroque & Rococo Art
+AH 353 Russia

One of the following:
+WI-AH 347 19th Century
+AH 350-WI American Art
+AH 351 20 Century

+AH 354 Contemporary Art
+AH 355 History of Graphic Design

One of the following:
+AH 120 Topics in Art History
+AH 320 Advanced Topics in Art History

+AH 352 Non-Western Art

Plus 6 additional credits in AH.
Plus 6 additional credits from AH, HIST, Classical Studies (CSM), or ART.
Either WI-AH 451 Capstone Research Experience (3 credits) OR AH 490 Internship in Art History (6 credits).

Requirements for a Minor in Art History (15 credits)

Choose 15 credits of Art History classes plus one additional 3-credit course in AH, ART, CSM, or HIST.

Requirements for a Minor in Museum Studies (18 credits)

+MUSE 380 Intro to Museum Studies (SP18), 3 credits
MUSE 381 Intro to Collections Management (FA17), 3 credits
MUSE 382 Intro to Exhibition Planning (FA18), 3 credits
MUSE 490 Internship, 3 credits
MKTG course or AH 450 Methods & Careers (FA17), 3 credits
3 additional credits of AH 490 or MUSE 490 at an approved site or one additional 3-credit AH, ART, or HIST course.*

*With approval of the program director, students interested in science or children's museums may substitute a relevant science or education course for the additional AH or HIST course requirement. 

NOTE: Art History majors must take 15 distinct credits for the Museum Studies minor, in addition to the requirements for the AH major.

Contact Dr. Terri Switzer for more info or to discuss internship possibilities for the new Museum Studies minor.

+ = Satisfies a General Education requirement
WI = Writing intensive

The Art History Program fosters an energetic exploration of art, architecture, and material culture through the study of primary visual and literary sources, with an emphasis on historical understanding, critical thinking, written and oral communication, and professional development.