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history and art history


Why History and Art History?

grecian statueFrom our perspective, the question is really why NOT study history and art history at St. Ambrose!

Take a look around and see all that we've got to offer you, including approachable professors, career guidance, local archives, historical societies, museums and galleries for internships, and much more!

And, when you're ready to see for yourself, schedule a visit with one of our professors!

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Are you weighing the pros and cons of a "practical" degree, versus a degree in History and/or Art History? Consider the perspective of actor John Lithgow in the short film, The Heart of the Matter: "My image is of a beautiful flower. The stem of the flower is, in fact, STEM--science, technology, engineering and math--but the blossom of the flower is the humanities. Without the blossom, the stem is completely useless. It's just a stem."

Check out The Heart of the Matter below, as well as additional material on the long-term value and benefits of studying the Humanities. (For more on why you should study Art History, History, and the Humanities, see also our Additional Resources page.) And for more careers- and jobs-related info, be sure to visit the Careers page.

The Heart of the Matter - A Film with John Lithgow, George Lucas, David Brooks, Yo-Yo Ma, Ken Burns, and others (American Academy of Arts & Sciences)

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