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history and art history


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History is Useful and Practical

History is useful in the working world: one becomes a careful investigator and reporter of the facts. Its study helps create good businesspeople, teachers, professionals, and political leaders.

Professional historians teach at various levels, work in museums and media centers, do historical research for businesses or public agencies, or participate in the growing number of historical consultancies. These categories are important for the basic enterprise of history, but most people who study history use their training for broader professional purposes.

Students of history find their investigative research and writing skills directly relevant to jobs in a variety of careers as well as in preparation for fields like law, journalism, information science, and public administration.

Art History: Preparing for Something More

The Art History Program at St. Ambrose University takes an active role in helping students find career opportunities such as volunteering at local museums; internships; and part-time or full-time positions at museums, galleries, and federal agencies.

The Art History program strongly encourages all majors and minors to pursue internships for career development, and in fact, students can choose between a Capstone track (intended for students planning on graduate school in Art History) or an Internship track (for students planning on entering the workforce immediately after graduation. Check out our Art History Internship page for more information.

The Art History faculty also provide hands-on guidance to students who choose to pursue graduate-level studies after SAU, and so far, our program's alumni have 100% placement - with fellowship funding! - in graduate school programs. Their programs include Museum Studies, Archival Studies, Art History, Art Therapy, Library Science, and Fine Arts.

St. Ambrose University Art History students and alumni of the program have held internships and/or professional positions at Antique Archaeology in nearby LeClaire, Iowa (from the TV show American Pickers), local galleries, the Putnam Museum, the Family Museum, the Figge Art Museum, the Arsenal Museum, the John Deere Archives, Adler Planetarium (Chicago), and the Galesburg Library. See also our Art History alumni page for more info on what our students have done after graduating with an Art History major or minor.

Have questions about a possible career field that might involve Art History? Feel free to contact us for feedback on combinations of majors and minors that might help you realize your career goals.