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Catholic Studies

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The Catholic Studies Minor at St. Ambrose University is an interdisciplinary program of study designed to offer the students an exploration of Catholic intellectual tradition. The goal is to gather students and faculty from all disciplines to engage in a critical, sympathetic investigation of Catholic thought and life.

Catholicism is complex; it is a faith tradition that incorporates doctrines, structures, rituals, customs, philosophical thought, sociological phenomena, and artistic secular, and therefore it is fitting that such a process of inquiry take place at a university setting.

Gaining Admittance
Contact your advisor or the program director, Fr. Chuck Adam, at

Requirements for an Interdisciplinary Minor in Catholic Studies (16-18 credits)

+CATH 201 Introduction to Catholic Studies
+CATH 301 
+THEO 141 St. Ambrose of Milan

Choose One:
+HIST 320 European Topics: Christianity and Culture, Early and Medieval
+WI-THEO 341 History of Christianity: Early & Medieval
+WI-THEO 342 History of Christianity: Reformation & Modern
+THEO 344 Rome & Christianity

Choose Two (6 credits):
+AH 250 Art through the Ages I (Cross-listed as HIST 215 Classical Europe)
+AH 251 Art through the Ages II
EDUC 355 Methods of Teaching the Catholic Faith
+ENGL 302 Medieval Literature
+HIST 216 Medieval Europe
+HIST 325 Renaissance 
+HIST 326 European Reformations
+MUS 309 Music in Liturgy
+PHIL 343 Ethics of Peace & Non-Violence
+PHIL 360 History of Medieval and Renaissance Philsophy
SOC 336 Death and Dying
+SOC 356 Sociology of Religion
+THEO 107 Introduction to the Sacraments
+THEO 110 Introduction to Moral Issues
+THEO 132 Introduction to the New Testament
+THEO 301 Prayer, Spirituality, and Liturgy
+THEO 304 Celtic Spirituality
+THEO 310 Social Justice
+THEO 312 Interdisciplinary Seminar on Justice & Peace
THEO 313 
+WI-THEO 319 Bioethics and Health Care 
THEO 402 Theology of Eucharist