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Classical Studies

The Classical Studies Minor at St. Ambrose allows students with an interest in ancient Greek and Roman cultures to pursue extended study and gain an appreciation of their relevance to their own lives.

Students wishing to minor in Classical Studies must major in either HistoryArt HistoryPhilosophy, Theology, or Political Science.

Gaining Admittance
Approval and planning a course of study with an advisor and the program director in History is required.

Requirements for an Interdisciplinary Minor in Classical Studies (21 credits)

+CSM 101 Intro to Classical Studies
LAT 101-202 First, Second, Third, and Fourth Semester Latin (12 credits)

Choose six credits:

+HIST 101 OR 102 History Matters
+HIST 216 Medieval Europe 
+HIST 317 The Vietnam Wars
+HIST 321. Ancient Greece
+HIST 322 Roman History
+HIST 325. Renaissance
HIST 393. Directed Readings in History
HIST 410. Capstone Research Experience

+AH 250 Art through the Ages I
+AH 251 Art through the Ages II
+AH 323 Greek Art History
+AH 324 Roman Art History
+AH 326 Early-Medieval Christian Art and Architecture
+AH 345 Renaissance Art
+AH 346 Baroque and Rococo Art

+PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy 
+PHIL 208 Philosophies of Life
+PHIL 210 Social/Political Philosophy
+PHIL 217 History of Ancient Philosophy
+PHIL 360 History of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
+PHIL 365. History of 16th to 18th Century Philosophy
+PHIL 390 Special Topics 
PHIL 451 Directed Readings 
PHIL 490 Special Seminar in Philosophy 

+PSCI 110 Law and Society: An Introduction to Political Philosophy
+PSCI 120 Truth, Justice, & Politics: An Introduction to Political Philosophy
+199/PSCI 399 Special Topics
PSCI 340 Independent Study (1-3 credits)
PSCI 400 Research in Political Science

+THEO 101. Introduction to Theology
+THEO 130 Introduction to the Old Testament
+THEO 132 Introduction to the New Testament
+THEO 141 Ambrose of Milan
+THEO 275. Introduction to Judaism
+THEO 332. The Gospels: Diverse Interpretations of Jesus
+THEO 333. The Letters of St. Paul: Theology in Context
+THEO 334. Apocalypse: Now and Then
+THEO 341. History of Christianity: Early and Medieval
+THEO 344. Rome and Christianity
+THEO 351. Introduction to Religions of the West
THEO 360. Advanced Topics in Theology