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Justice and Peace

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Available to any major, the Justice and Peace Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary academic focus on issues of social justice, with a special emphasis on peace, non-violence and conflict resolution.

In the Ambrose tradition of concern for dignity of all persons, social justice and respect for diversity, a variety of academic and co-curricular opportunities exist for students to enrich their education by exploring issues of justice and peace. The minor is sponsored jointly by the Theology and Philosophy departments but maintains an interdisciplinary focus.

Gaining Admittance

Approval and planning a course of study with anadvisor and the program director in Theology is required.

Requirements for Interdisciplinary Minor in Justice and Peace (19 credits)

1. 7 hours of Core courses (JPS 101, 105, 201);
2. 9 hours of Concentration courses from one of these areas:

• Reconciliation, Confliction Resolution, and Peace-building: (PSCI 309, 313; SOC 375; THEO 160, 355)
• Stratification and Equality: (CRJU 316, 487; ENGL 223, 243; HIST 330; PHIL 210; SOC 340, 365; THEO 310, 321)
• Ethics and Peace: (PHIL 305, 343; PHIL/THEO 311; THEO 356; HIST 343, 350)

3. Capstone: PHIL 302/THEO 312 Interdisciplinary Seminars on Peace & Justice.