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Justice and Peace

Available to any major, the Justice and Peace Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary academic focus on issues of social justice, with a special emphasis on peace, non-violence and conflict resolution.

In the Ambrose tradition of concern for dignity of all persons, social justice and respect for diversity, a variety of academic and co-curricular opportunities exist for students to enrich their education by exploring issues of justice and peace. The minor is sponsored jointly by the Theology and Philosophy departments but maintains an interdisciplinary focus.

Gaining Admittance

Approval and planning a course of study with the student's academic advisor and the JPS program director is required.

Requirements for an Interdisciplinary Minor in Justice and Peace (15-17 credits)


Core Courses (6-8 credits)

JPS 101 Introduction to Justice & Peace Studies (3 credits)
JPS 105 Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills (1 credit)*
JPS 201 Justice & Peace Studies Practicum (1-3 credits)
JPS 205 Justice & Peace Studies Capstone (1 credit)

*Students can use Mediation training to fulfill part of the Practicum requirement. Mediation training is not required, but the Practicum course is a requirement. 

Affiliate Courses (9 credits)

Students should meet with the JPS program director and their academic advisor to prepare a curriculum plan that combines their academic, professional and research interests.

Select three:

CRJU 316 Juvenile Justice
CRJU 487 Race, Gender, Class & Criminal Justice

ENGL 223 Minority Voices
ENGL 243 Irish Literature

HIST 213 Latin America
HIST 317 The Vietnam War
HIST 318 American Women
HIST 319 African American Experience
HIST 330 American Immigration
HIST 337 Northern Ireland
HIST 344 Spanish Civil War  

PHIL 210 Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 302 Justice & Peace Seminar
PHIL 310 Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 311 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 343 Ethics of Peace & Non-Violence  

PSCI 120 Truth, Justice & Politics
PSCI 130 Global Issues
PSCI 230 Global Terrorism
PSCI 232 War & Peace
PSCI 320 Virtue and Political Leadership
PSCI 313 Foreign Policy

PSYC 203 Women & Gender
PSYC 325 Psychology of Criminal Behavior
PSYC 327 Psychology & Treatment of the Juvenile Offender
PSYC 328 Psychology and Treatment of the Crime Victim  

SOC 120 Social Problems
SOC 235 Deviant Behavior
SOC 340 Race & Ethnicity
SOC 365 Social Stratification& Inequality
SOC 375 Conflict Resolution

THEO 125 Racial Justice & The Christian Faith
THEO 304 Reconciliation and Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland
THEO 310 Social Justice
THEO 311 Environmental Ethics
THEO 316 Justice & Peace in Comparative Religions
THEO 319 Bioethics & Healthcare
THEO 321 Theologies of Liberation
THEO 337 Bible & Social Justice
THEO 355 Holocaust  

WGS 201 Cross Cultural Introduction to Women's Studies
WGS 210 Latina Literature
WGS 340 Women and Madness