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Interdisciplinary Minor in Leadership

The interdisciplinary minor in Leadership seeks to enhance the skills, vision, and moral code of students drawn to leadership. The minor will challenge students to critically analyze and build on their ability to act as knowledgeable, ethical, and caring leaders for the diverse worlds in which we live including business, political civic and community service and engagement. The mission of the minor is fulfilled by the achievement of three goals:

First, the students are introduced to basic theories, skills and practices of leadership.

Second, students examine how leadership theories and practices are applied to the public and nonprofit sectors to enhance their effectiveness as citizens in society.

Third, students explore the relationship between leadership and the private sector with an emphasis of leadership in management situations.

Requirements for an Interdisciplinary Minor in Leadership (15 credits)

Entry procedure: Approval and planning a course of study with an advisor and the program director in Political Science.  

+PSCI 104 Introduction to Leadership Studies
+WI-PSCI 310 Virtue & Political Leadership OR WI-PSCI 365 Political, Civic & Community Leadership

Select 3-6 credits from the following electives
+PHIL 207 Ethics 
+PHIL 210 Social/Political Philosophy
+PHIL 305 Business Ethics
+THEO 110 Introduction to Moral Issues
+SOC 325 Sex and Gender
+SOC 340 Race and Ethnicity 
+SOC 375 Conflict Resolution
+WI-PSCI 370 Public Administration 
PSYC 323 Personality Theories
+WGS 201 Women's Studies: A Cross-Cultural Introduction

Select 3-6 credits from the following electives
+COMM 203 Interpersonal Communication 
WI-COMM 306 Group Dynamics and Methods of Decision-Making
COMM 327 Organizational Communication 
WI-ENGL 315 Written Business Communication
KIN 190 Introduction to Sport Management
WI-MGMT 310 Principles of Management 
WI-MGMT 325 Leadership in Organizations
MGMT 332 Organizational Theory and Behavior 
MGMT 336 Conflict Management and Negotiation
MGMT 338 Diversity and Gender in the Workplace