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Pre-Law Studies

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The Interdisciplinary Minor in Pre-Law is for students interested in studying law. It has a threefold mission.

First, it seeks to encourage sustained reflection upon the relationship between law and human nature.

Second, it seeks to give students a practical introduction to the basic elements of the American legal system, as well as other legal systems, and the history of legal thought and practice.

Third, it seeks to provide students with the background and skills necessary for success in law school and in the field of law. Special attention will be given to logical and critical thinking, persuasive argument, and cogent speaking and writing.

Degree Requirements

Entry Procedure for an Interdisciplinary Minor in Pre-Law Studies:  Approval and planning a course of study with an advisor and the program director in Political Science is required.

Requirements for Interdisciplinary Minor in Pre-Law Studies:  18 semester credits.  Students may not count more than twelve hours of Political Science toward the minor.  Nine hours must be from approved General Education courses.

Foundation Course (3 credits):  PSCI 110,

One of the following (3 credits):  CRJU 400, PHIL 210, PSCI 320, THEO 362.

Two of the following (6 credits):  COMM 432, CRJU 221, 410, 411, 487, 499, ENGL 303, HIST 307, 350, PSCI 304, 360, PSYC 321, 325, 327, 328, SOC 120, 235, 340, 365.

One of the following (3 credits):  COMM 228, 329, ENGL 216, 315, LAT 101, PHIL 201, PSCI 305.

Capstone experience (3 credits):  WI-PSCI 400, or capstone in major with permission.