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International Business

Students in class

With today's technology, even small businesses have the potential to deal in an international market. Professionals who are knowledgeable in this arena will have an advantage over competitors and produce greater profits.

As an international business major at St. Ambrose, you'll get a broad-based education in the language, culture, history, geography, and politics of the international environment you'll be working in, along with solid business and economics perspectives that will allow you to contribute from the start.

When you graduate with a degree in International Business, you should be able to:
• Demonstrate an understanding of cultural differences and how interpretations of authority, roles, times, etc. affect business interactions across cultures.
• Demonstrate an understanding of business practices and that they need to be compatible with cross-national or multilateral frameworks.
• Conduct analyses and demonstrate understanding of business implications of political and economic factors/events.
• Explain the major strategic choices for business expansion abroad.

Study Abroad

Students agree that studying overseas is an experience that has given them a more sophisticated understanding of themselves, their own society and culture, and the world.

Each year the St. Ambrose Study Abroad program gives numerous students the opportunity to experience other lands through international study and expand their education beyond the realm of books and classrooms.