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St. Ambrose University offers a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.

Comprised of a cluster of culture, language and international affairs courses, the International Studies major requires 37 credit hours. Degree requirements are listed here.

Students majoring in International Studies graduate with an awareness of their place in a rapidly changing world and with the attitudes and the skills to allow them to participate effectively in the contemporary global community. It combines courses, projects and overseas experiences to develop competency in contemporary global and international issues.

By collaborating with the International Studies director, students are able to create their own flexible plan of study that corresponds to their individual interests and/or career goals. This plan can focus on a region of the world or a thematic issue. The director can provide direction and coordinate the various components of the major, as well as give advice to students about choosing a track or area that best suits their interests and career expectations.

Study Abroad

An integral component of the International Studies major is Study Abroad. When students live in a culture different from their own they can gain – in ways not possible in a U.S.-based course of study – a sophisticated knowledge of world affairs that will be increasingly necessary for a variety of careers in the 21st century.

The director works closely with the Center for International Education to place students in suitable overseas programs. Students also have the opportunity to perfect their language skills while taking specialized courses at a foreign university.