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Test-Out Information

The following information relates to procedures for testing out of KIN 149 Wellness Concepts and KIN 206 First Aid/CPR.

After making arrangements through the Department of Kinesiology Administrative Assistant, including filling out a test-out form and paying $60, an appropriate instructor will be assigned by the Department of Kinesiology chair to review and test the students. There is also a Test-Out for KIN 149 Wellness Concepts available through arrangements with the ACCEL Program. There is an additional $30 per credit hour required for transcription if the student passes the test-out.

Course tests include:

KIN 149 Wellness Concepts
A written test of two parts will be given, and a score of 74% or better is needed on each part to pass. This test is administered once per semester. 

Materials required: Hopson, Janet; Donatelle, Rebecca; Littrell, Tanya. Get Fit, Stay Well! 2nd Edition. Pearson Publishing, 2013, ISBN#:  9780321754332

ACCEL students sign up by contacting their ACCEL advisor. Main campus students sign up by filling out paperwork with Suzanne Wiese, Administrative Asst., Dept of Kinesiology, 333-5866. Test-out cost is $60, plus another $30 to put course on transcript. This test is administered on-line through Blackboard.

KIN 206 First Aid/CPR
The student must possess a current Responding First Aid/CPR card or equivalent. A written test and practical test will be administered. A score of 80% or better on each part is required for passing. This test is given in cooperation with the course instructor, Diana Mayes, and must be completed a month before the end of the semester.

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