Human Performance and Fitness

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Careers in this field include cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, employee fitness director, and group exercise instructor.

Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance and Fitness

BIOL 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits)
BIOL 204 Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits)
+PSYC 105 Introductory Psychology  
+STAT 213 Applied Statistical Reasoning for the Sciences 
+KIN 149 Wellness Concepts (1 credit)
+KIN 206 First Aid/CPR (2 credits)
KIN 215 Basic Athletic Training (2 credits)
KIN 258 Principles and Methods in Personal Training (2 credits)
KIN 275 Methods in Group Fitness Leadership (2 credits)
KIN 282 Exercise and Aging
WI-KIN 340 Nutrition Concepts
KIN 341 Exercise Pharmacology and Sport Nutrition 
KIN 350 Scientific Principles of Strength and Conditioning
KIN 361 Kinesiology
KIN 363 The Law in Sport, PE, Exercise Science, and Leisure (2 credits)
WI-KIN 390 Exercise Physiology (4 credits)
KIN 392 Exercise Testing for Healthy and Special Populations (2 credits)
KIN 406 Exercise Prescription and Program Design OR [KIN 440 Senior Research I (2 credits) and KIN 441 Senior Research II (2 credits)]
KIN 418 Internship in Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Human Performace and Fitness (6-8 credits)

Choose one:
BIOL 101 Principles of biology (4 credits)
BIOL 199 General Biology I: Foundations of Living Systems (4 credits)
BIOL 112 Humans and Disease (4 credits)

Choose one:
+CHEM 103 Principles of Chemistry (4 credits)
+CHEM 105 General Chemistry I (4 credits)

Choose one:
KIN 260 Motor Learning (2 credits)
PSYC 355 Brain and Behavior
PSYC 360  Behavioral Pharmacology
PSYC 402 Psychology of Sensation and Perception
PSYC 403 Behavioral Neuroscience (4 credits)

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