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The internship is an important component of your education and your development in your major. The site, location, and duties should provide you a link between classroom and work experience. Therefore, prior to establishing a feasible internship, the student must present information to the instructor for approval. 

Human Performance and Fitness students must take KIN 418 for 6-8 credit hours (300-400 hours as an intern). Sport Management majors must take KIN 419 for 8-12 credit hours (400-600 hours as an intern).

Each semester a mandatory meeting is held one week prior to registration for students planning on enrolling in internships the following semester.

Prior to registration, each student planning to enroll in an internship in the following semester, must fill out the internship application form. For those planning on doing a Summer or Fall internship, application is due in the spring; for those planning on doing an internship in the spring, application is due in the fall. The application is not valid without the advisor signature.

Prior to acceptance into the internship and before the semester starts, each student must complete a background check, fill out a site form, and turn in the form to the instructor in order for the site to be approved for the following semester.

Internship Requirements

After the internship is approved, then the intern must meet all requirements – including the following – to complete the course in good standing: 

  1. Daily log. This is a record of hours and duties performed by the student while on site. The log must be recorded daily, or each day the student works on site. This must be typed and neatly organized. Each student must obtain two signatures, one at midterm and one upon completion, from the site supervisor.
  2. Midterm (150-250 hrs.) and final (300-500 hrs.) evaluations must be completed and reviewed by the supervisor and the student and then sent to the instructor.
  3. Activity Reports. Each student must complete and submit four activity reports to the instructor during the course of the internship. Information on when each progress report must be sent in will be posted on Blackboard
  4. Students will be expected to check Blackboard every Monday to receive information and announcements about the course.
  5. Project proposal. Each student must submit a project proposal to the internship coordinator and his/her major advisor for approval before beginning work on the final project. Formatting for the project proposal will be posted on Blackboard.
  6. Rough Draft. Students must submit a rough draft to the instructor for review.
  7. Formal project. Each student must prepare a formal project as the final component of the internship. The content of the project must be an original work from the student and get approved by the site supervisor before being proposed to the instructor. The project must incorporate classroom theory with a hands-on application to his/her work site and be in addition to the intern's regular tasks. There must be a scholarly element to the project.
  8. Exit interview. It is the student's responsibility to coordinate a time with the instructor to conduct an exit interview to evaluate the student's experience. Exit interviews must be in person for all interns.
  9. The student MUST complete all of his/her registered hours in the allotted time frame to be considered for a grade in this class. Failure to do so will result in an automatic grade of F for the course.
  10. Poster Presentation. Each student will present his/her project to a panel of industry professionals/educators at the end of the semester. Each student is responsible for preparing a poster for each panel judge and will be asked questions regarding the internship experience. The poster presentation is MANDATORY for each intern. Details regarding the poster presentation will be posted on blackboard. Dress is business casual.
  11. Final Assessment. Grades will be based on components 1-10 stated above. All late work will be docked 10 points per day turned in passed the due date. Work turned in with missing elements will be docked 5 points per element.