Managerial Studies


Course Descriptions

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+MGMT 101. Foundations of Business • 3 credits
Survey of the primary topics of business, including management, personnel, finances, marketing, economics, business ownership and ethics.

WI-MGMT 310 ∙ Principles of Management ∙ 3 credits
Research from several social science disciplines applied to the study of effective management of organizational strategy, structure and behavior. Topics include planning, organizing, leadership and control. Interrelationships examined between needs and expectations of the individual and the organization and society. Prerequisite: ENGL 101, with a minimum grade of C.

MGMT 316 ∙ Entrepreneurship ∙ 3 credits
Explores how and why new businesses are founded. Considers the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs; the research, financial, and management skills needed in a business start-up taught through the development of a business plan.

MGMT 320 ∙ Human Resource Management ∙ 3 credits
Introduction to the Human Resource functions of workforce planning, legal requirements, work design, recruiting, selection, training and development, performance management, labor and employee relations.

WI-MGMT 325 ∙ Leadership in Organizations ∙ 3 credits
An introduction to leadership in organizations, including both historical and current behavioral theories. Application to life experiences will be addressed.
Prerequisite: MGMT 310 or permission of instructor.

MGMT 332 ∙ Organizational Theory, Communications and Behavior ∙ 3 credits
Concentrates on individual processes, inter-personal and group processes, organizational processes and design and organizational changes.
Prerequisite: MGMT 310 or permission of instructor.

MGMT 336. Conflict Management and Negotiation • 3 credits
Explores and analyzes established and cutting edge alternative dispute resolution techniques for resolving business disputes. Includes negotiation, mediation, arbitration, summary jury trial and other third-party interventions.

MGMT 338. Diversity and Gender in the Workplace • 3 credits
Explores the impact of cultural diversity on personal and organizational effectiveness from a leadership and management perspective. Examines the importance of appreciation for cultural diversity for the global manager.

WI-MGMT 349 ∙ Strategic Management and Policy ∙ 3 credits
The study of the formulation and implementation of corporate and business strategies to achieve the objectives of the organization. This emphasizes environmental, industry and competitor analyses and includes stakeholder analysis of government, community, consumers, employees and the natural environment. This is the final, integrating course in the business core for all seniors. Senior standing.

MGMT 399 ∙ Topics in Management ∙ 3 credits
Selected topics, announced as offered, covering various themes. Students may repeat course if on a different topic.

+ = satisfies a general education requirement
WI = writing intensive course