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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides a laundry list of potential management fields with pay ranging from $43,900 to over $100,000.

Similarly, the BLS pulls several jobs within business and finance; any of those jobs are viable with an international setting.

The St. Ambrose Management and International Business programs provide students with a firm foundation to succeed long after that first entry-level position.

The skills learned are generalizable to diverse sectors, such as: retail, hospitality, banking, manufacturing, transportation, entertainment and others.

About that job ...

For an International Business major some examples of job titles include international marketing specialist, consultant, job analyst, product manager and others! Plus, when you Study Abroad or complete an internship, that has the added benefit of making you stand out in a sea of resumes.

Going into Management, you'll learn how to manage and motivate diverse individuals. There's a strong human resources part to this area, which involves leadership, communication skills, ethics, and legal issues.

In a recent report, 96 percent of SAU College of Business graduates were either employed full- or part-time, in graduate school, continuing their education, or weren't seeking employment at the time.