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MKTG 209 Principles of Marketing 3 credits
Survey of theories and resulting activities employed by producers and sellers of goods and services to determine wants of society and ways to satisfy those wants. Topics include external environment as it affects marketing decisions (e.g. economic conditions, population, competition, legislation), examination of basic elements of a marketing program (e.g. product design, pricing, distribution, and promotion), marketing and social responsibility.
Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or above.

MKTG 311 Advertising and Promotions Management 3 credits
A study of the theory and practice of advertising, touching upon economic and social aspects, history, market, product and consumer analysis, motivation, art, copy and layout, media selection and budgeting.
Prerequisite: MKTG 209 or instructor permission.

MKTG 328 Marketing Research 3 credits
Planning, scientific investigation, conclusions and recommendations used in solving marketing problems. Topics include survey techniques, observation techniques, experimentation, data tabulation and interpretation of results. Prerequisites: STBE 337; MKTG 209; or approval of department chair.

MKTG 330  Sales Strategies 3 credits
Discipline of sales, including special emphasis on economic and social importance of selling, recruiting and selecting personnel, training, motivation, evaluation and measurement; supervisory problems, techniques and solutions.

MKTG 347  Consumer Behavior 3 credits
Theoretical concepts of consumer behavior, and application of these concepts to marketing strategies and decision-making. How individuals make decisions to spend their resources on consumable goods. Prerequisite: MKTG 209.

MKTG 348  Marketing Strategy 3 credits
Analysis of management functions as applied to product development, market analysis and pricing, control of marketing activities and use of distribution channels. Integrative course using case studies.

MKTG 398 Topics in Marketing 3 credits
Selected topics, announced as offered, covering various themes. Students may repeat course if on a different topic.
Prerequisite: MKTG 209 

MTKG/INTL 322  International Marketing 3 credits
As businesses and economics expand into a global marketplace, traditional western ideas of marketing must be expanded.  Survey of international marketing theories and activities. Prerequisite: MKTG 209.