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Master of Accounting

JanisĀ Ang

janis ang

Hometown: Singapore

Current job: Auditor, PwC

"I chose Ambrose because of the small class sizes, interactive discussions and projects geared toward the working world. The university offers so many opportunities to thrive-from the personal education to extra credit opportunities."

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How to succeed

“Success in the MACC degree requires time and commitment, especially if you’re working full-time. But know that your time will definitely be well spent.”

After earning her business degree from Singapore Management University in 2007, Janis Ang made her way halfway around the world to attend St. Ambrose. Janis loves the people and places that make up her new home.

To help fund her education, Janis worked as a graduate assistant in the Department of Institutional Research and the Center for International Education, sharing her perspective of the world and strong analytical expertise. "It's another great way to give back to the Ambrose community, and continue to learn along the way."

In her own words

What inspired you to get your master's?

I wanted to further my studies to improve myself and thought that the MAcc would be a good complement to my finance undergraduate degree. Both Ambrose and the accounting program are well established, and the flexible schedule made it easier to work during the day and attend classes at night.

How would you describe the teaching style at Ambrose?

It's a blend of lecture and in-class discussion. The coursework is practical to the real world and is also preparing us for the CPA exam. My classmates are very helpful and friendly and my professors are knowledgeable, experienced and easy to go to when I need help.

Which faculty member has made an impact?

(Former professor) Elizabeth Pogue has an organized and well-planned syllabus and style of teaching. She brings her own experiences in accounting to the classroom, complementing our text with real-world examples. Recently, she told us about her role working as a controller in a company. It tied perfectly into the course that she taught – Management Control Systems – which focuses on managerial roles and duties. Relating our academic lessons to the real world is so valuable and unique.

Have you been able to apply what you are learning?

Definitely. For instance, we studied legal aspects of contracts in my Law for Accountants class. Now, when I encounter any type of contract personally or professionally, I understand what my liabilities and obligations are before I sign on the line. We're also learning about the Fair Employment Act, which will assist me as I search for a job in the United States.

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