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Master of Accounting



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Master of Accounting with Management Information Systems Concentration

Students wanting to earn a Master of Accounting degree with an Management Information Systems concentration must complete 30 credit hours in the following:

Nine hours of required MACC courses:
MACC 601 Adv. Financial Accounting Theory & Emerging Issues
MACC 603 Adv. Managerial Accounting Theory & Controllership
MACC 608 Advanced Accounting Information Systems          

At least 6 hours of MACC electives:
MACC 605 Advanced Tax Topic, 3 hours
MACC 606 Advanced Auditing, 3 hours
MACC 607 Research/Cases in Taxation, 3 hours
MACC 609 Research Methods/Report Writing & Communications in Business, 3 hours
MACC 610 Advanced Financial Accounting Topics, 3 hours
MACC 614 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation, 3 hours
MACC 616 Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting, 3 hours
MACC 618 International Accounting, 3 hours
MACC 620 Seminar in Graduate Accounting Topics, 1 to 3 hours repeatable
MACC 625 Graduate Accounting Internship, 1 to 3 hours

At least 9 hours of systems courses from the following
CSCI 515 Computer and Network Security
CSCI 560 Advanced Data Base Management Systems
CSCI 570 Advanced Computer Networks and Data Communications
CSCI 600 Systems Analysis in the Enterprise
CSCI 630 Information Assurance
CSCI 650 Project Management and Control
CSCI 660 Computers and Commerce
CSCI 740 Management Information Technology
CSCI 780 Advanced Topics in Information Technology
MBA 782 Decision Support Systems

Six hours of MAcc, MBA, or CSCI electives approved by the MAcc program director.