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Master of Accounting


Curriculum Requirements


Requirements for a Master of Accounting Degree (30 credits)

Required (6 credits)
MAC 601 Advanced Financial Accounting Theory and Emerging Issues
MAC 603 Advanced Managerial Accounting Theory

Electives (9 credits)
MAC 606 Advanced Tax Topics
MAC 607 Research/Cases in Taxation
MAC 610 Advanced Financial Accounting Topics
MAC 614 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
MAC 615 Advanced Auditing
MAC 616 Government and Nonprofit Accounting
MAC 618 International Accounting
MAC 620 Seminar in Graduate Accounting Topics 1-3 credits
MAC 622 Forensic Accounting
MAC 625 Graduate Accounting Internship 1-3 credits

Graduate Electives (15 credits)
Must be approved by the program director.


The equivalent of an undergraduate degree in accounting from an accredited college or university will meet the prerequisite requirement for the MAcc Program.

The prerequisites for other undergraduate degrees include:

  • 24 credits of accounting
  • 6 credits of economics
  • 9 credits of business (consisting of 3 credits each of business law, business statistics, and business elective)
  • 3 credits of college mathematics (or by taking STBE 137, college algebra or higher, or another math class approved by the program director)

As soon as the student satisfies prerequisites for a MAcc course, a candidate may enroll in a MAcc course.