MBA Program

Meet Our Graduates

Graduates of the MBA program are enjoying outstanding careers, armed with the knowledge and expertise to further their companies...and themselves. Meet some of our grads. 

Gayle Roberts '91 MBAGayle Roberts '91 MBA

As a graduate of the MBA program, Gayle found the value of the degree was in the skills she gained and the relationships she made.


John Menard '04 MBAJohn Menard '04 MBA

John Menard always strives for growth. Following graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point, he served honorably as an Army officer for six years. After earning a BS in engineering from USMA, John wanted to attend a private university to see how he could perform academically.


Mark Digney '98, '10 MBAMark Digney '98, '10 MBA

Mark researched the MBA program and consulted with one of his undergraduate professors at Ambrose. He was told, "No matter what you do, the MBA will make you better. It will open a door you can’t even see." He enrolled.