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MBA Program

John Menard

John Menard photo

Project Manager

Information Technology, John Deere Information Systems

"It does not matter what job you are doing, start your MBA process. If your time is limited, take one course at a time. Set goals and keep driving forward until you earn an MBA. If your schedule permits, take two courses at a time."

In conclusion

"Earning an MBA isn't an insurance policy for career success, but it is a way for an individual to grow academically and to develop as a leader. I grew at Ambrose."

John Menard always strives for growth. Following graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point, he served honorably as an Army officer for six years. After earning a BS in engineering from USMA, John wanted to attend a private university to see how he could perform academically. As an officer, he was continually learning, but could not find the time to begin a master's program.

John hung up his officer's hat to join John Deere. Not having lost his drive to learn, he jumped at the opportunity to further his education as a nontraditional student at Ambrose. Now, as a graduate of the MBA program, John is armed with the knowledge and skills that help him add value to his organization.

In his own words:

Why did you choose Ambrose?

St. Ambrose is similar to West Point in size and character. I wanted to attend a smaller, prestigious school that would challenge me academically, share my personal values and give me personal attention. I also wanted to study close to my home to avoid being separated from my family any more than necessary.

What's the most important thing you learned?

My greatest takeaway from this program is that it afforded me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of business and business communication. Throughout the MBA process, I worked in multifunctional project teams and gave several presentations. Effective business communication is paramount in my current position as project manager. My undergraduate experience taught me the language of engineering and military doctrine. The Ambrose MBA program taught me the language of business.

What kind of impact has the MBA had on your career?

When I graduated from the military academy, I dove right into the military world. I spent six years as an officer. I earned a degree in engineering science, but only took one or two courses that dealt with business. I learned John Deere's business processes, but my Ambrose MBA enabled me to communicate effectively, from financial to HR to marketing issues. I can speak with authority and confidence. Now I'm given more challenging projects-and helping grow the business.


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