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MBA Program


Academic Policies

Course Load

For the spring and fall eight week sessions:

  • A graduate student with a course load of 9 semester credits or more is considered a full-time student.
  • A graduate student with 6 semester credits is considered a three-quarter-time student.
  • A graduate student with 3 credits is considered a part-time student.

For the Summer Session, a course load of 6 credits is considered full time and 3 credits is considered half time.

Grading Procedures and Policies
Grade Points Description
A 4.00 Exceptional performance
A- 3.75 Superior performance
B+ 3.50 Achievement quantitatively greater than that required for grade B
B 3.00 Achievement superior to basic level
B- 2.75 Suitably proficient performance
C 2.00 Marginal but passing performance (only 2 C's allowed)
F 0 Unacceptable performance (academic dismissal)
W Withdrawal from course, not a grade
I Student does not complete all course requirements. Must be amended in accordance with graduate school and University policies and the faculty member's requirement.


Academic Standing

MBA students are required to maintain a 3.0 (B) grade point average or above. At any point in the process of completing the MBA program when a student falls below a 3.0 grade point average, he/she is placed on academic probation. Students must remove themselves from academic probation within their next two semesters. If this does not occur academic dismissal results.

Only two (2) C grades are permitted in the graduate program. A third C grade or an F grade results in academic dismissal from the program.

Any student dismissed from the MBA program due to academic deficiency can reapply after a minimum of one semester has elapsed. At this time, the student must fill out a reapplication form with a statement documenting reasons for why the student thinks they are able to continue and successfully progress through the program. An MBA academic committee will review such documentation and make the decision as to whether the student will be re-admitted. Once re-admitted, the student must make up for his/her academic deficiency in the first term back.

Students, who have received their second "C" or "F" are allowed to attempt to increase their grade point averages by taking the second grade option for the course in which the grade was received. Only two second grade options are allowed throughout the entire program. Courses may only be repeated twice.


Attending a course on a non-credit basis as a special-academic-status student is allowed on a course-by-course basis at the discretion of the Director. Tuition and fees are the same as if taken for credit. An official undergraduate degree transcript is required.

Attendance at Class

Individual faculty members explain their attendance policies to students at the outset of each course. If students are in doubt about an instructor's policy, they should ask the instructor. Serious students who are honestly trying to learn usually find their instructors at St. Ambrose very understanding when an absence is unavoidable for business or emergency reasons.

Withdrawing from a Course

Withdrawing from a course must be made by official notification to the MBA Director - not by simply staying away from classes or by notifying the instructor. The date on which the official withdrawal is made through proper notification to the MBA Office will be used in computing any refund that may be due to the student or any reduction in the payment that may still be due to the University. Tuition refund schedules is available online. Contact Student Account Services at 563/333-6322 if you have any questions. In addition, failure to properly withdraw from a course will result in an "F" grade for the course.

Withdrawing from the University

If circumstances arise that force students to withdraw from all of their classes, the MBA Director must be notified so that an official withdrawal from school can be completed. The MBA Office will make the proper notification throughout the campus. Students officially withdrawing from the University will have "Officially Withdrew from the University" appended to their permanent records in addition to the "W" grades in the courses from which they withdrew. Failure to properly withdraw will result in "F" grades being recorded for courses being dropped. Please observe withdrawal dates, in order to ensure proper compliance with policies.