MBA Program



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MBA students must enroll in three electives. The specific selection of courses is dependent upon the student’s academic and/or professional background and career needs.

MBA 715: Executive Management Seminar/Selected Topics
Specially selected courses to meet student needs. 

MBA 735: Legal and Social Environment of Business
Substantive law affecting American business: contracts, the uniform commercial code, creditors and debtors, kinds of business organizations, litigation and other means to resolve disputes, consumer protection, torts, anti-trust law and legal aspects of management-labor relations. Public law and government regulations of business. Social responsibilities of business and ethics in business practice.

MBA 740: The Not-For-Profit Sector
Introduces the issues and explores the challenges of leading and managing a not-for-profit organization. Includes board governance, financial accountability, fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, human resource management, performance-based contracting, executive administration, decision-making, policy-making and relationships between the CEO, the chair of the board, staff and other stakeholders in the organization.

MBA 785: Human Resource Management
Focuses on the strategic use of human resources. Major topics covered may include equal employment opportunity laws, job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, training and development, compensation and benefits, and labor/management relations.

Concentration courses may be used as an elective.