MBA Program



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Financial aid assistance and graduate work study positions are available to a limited number of qualified graduate students. Some programs have tuition reduction policies or graduate scholarships. Check with the MBA Director for details.

For information on Tuition costs, contact the program director.

2015-16 Tuition

$832/credit hour
MBA 690 Leadership Through People Skills: Tuition+$450 materials fee

Refund Policy

According to Federal guidelines, the MBA refund schedule is based on the percentage of time that has passed between the beginning and ending dates of the course and the drop date.

100% Refund - Attendance of 1 class and drop
75% Refund - Attendance of 2 classes and drop
50% Refund - Attendance of 3 classes and drop

Due to inflationary pressures, there may be increases in tuition costs. These will be published in advance when possible. Other listed costs are also subject to change on the same basis.

It is the policy of St. Ambrose University that all tuition and fees are due and paid by the first night of class each semester. Failure to pay, or make arrangements to pay, tuition by the first class may result in inability to officially register or in being dropped from classes.

Students may attend classes without such prior payment if:

  • An installment/deferment plan is submitted by a student who is qualified for reimbursement from his/her employer, the Veterans Administration, etc.
  • An installment/deferment plan is submitted by a student, which provides for installment payments by the student or which delays payment pending receipt of a student loan.

For additional information about Student Account services, please contact 563/333-6322.