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MBA Program


Why the MBA?

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arun pillutla talking to a student

Bring your ambition to St. Ambrose University, and we'll tailor opportunities to help you achieve success.

At St. Ambrose, you'll find leadership, project, and planning courses, that enable you to leverage your strengths and broaden your horizons through attentive faculty who integrate current trends and real-world best practices.

Benefits and Bonuses
  • Small class sizes: Most classes range from 15-20 students on campus and at most satellite locations.
  • Professors who are responsive to your needs: Each student's background is considered individually, with your goals at the top of the list.
  • Convenient locations: In addition to the main campus in Davenport, Ambrose offers MBA classes at five other sites.
  • Integrative curriculum: You learn how the functional areas of business integrate in real-life settings, ensuring you become the best team player possible. Employers value our graduates' win-win attitude, teamwork, and leadership.
  • Competence is not just a degree: It's an outcome of the challenging, focused, and supportive experience you generate.

Integrative Projects Increase Corporate ROI

The integrative project allows students to give back to their community and employers.

Several of the integrative project teams provide million dollar solutions to employer organizations, increasing the return on tuition investment.

Additional integrative project teams support local non-profit organizations by offering consulting services at no charge.