MBA Program


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the first step in applying to your program?
Complete an online application.

What is the process of applying to your program?
Once you've completed the online Application for Admission, you must also request transcripts from other institutions you attended. Official transcripts must be on file before a student will be allowed to register for classes. Additional requirements for admission include a professional portfolio, two letters of recommendation, and official GMAT scores. For more information, please visit the admissions requirement page.

What is the application deadline?
Applications are accepted year round. You should have all your application materials in at least two months prior to the term you anticipate entering the program.

How can I get my transcript from another institution?
A transcript request form will be sent out with your acceptance letter that you can send to the institutions you attended. You can directly contact the Registrar’s Office at the institutions you need transcripts from to request having a transcript sent to the SAU College of Business. Most institutions will charge a small fee for that service.

How soon do I need to take the GMAT?
No Graduate Management Admissions Test GMAT score older than 5 years is accepted, unless a candidate has already successfully completed a business-related graduate program. The GMAT score is required for admission; be sure to request an official copy of your scores be sent to St. Ambrose.

When are classes held on campus?
Classes are held Tuesday-Thursday evenings; Full terms are Spring, Fall and Summer.

Can I transfer credits from another university, and what is the process?
Up to nine semester credits of sufficiently similar courses may be transferred from other accredited graduate programs. The credit hours for a course transferred may not completely satisfy the required material necessary to receive three credit hours. In these cases, the student may be required to take the additional hours. Transfer credit can be considered only if the following conditions have been met:

An official transcript is sent which shows that the course being considered for transfer credit:

  • Is a graduate course or its equivalent as accredited by the American Council on Education;
  • That the student received a grade of B or better; and,
  • That the course was completed within five (5) years from the student’s acceptance into the program; and
  • A syllabus of the course to be transferred must be provided along with a detailed description of the course.

The MBA Director will review the request with faculty of the course for which transfer credit is being sought. Together they will make the decision if the transfer is to be allowed. The student will be notified and the transfer credit will be recorded in the student’s permanent file.

The grades for transfer credits do not appear on the student’s transcript and are not included in the MBA grade point average.

What arrangements do you have that can be used for tuition payments?
It is the policy of St. Ambrose University that all tuition and fees are due and paid by the first night of class each semester. Students may attend classes without such prior payment if:

  1. An installment/deferment plan is submitted by a student who is qualified for reimbursement from his/her employer, the Veterans Administration, etc.
  2. An installment/deferment plan is submitted by a student, which provides for installment payments by the student or which delays payment pending receipt of a student loan.

Installment/deferment application

Send the form to St. Ambrose University, Attn. Student Services with an original signature. Applications are not accepted on line. Please note that late fees may apply and are listed at the bottom of the form. Failure to pay, or make arrangements to pay, tuition by the first class may result in inability to officially register or in being dropped from classes.

Is housing available for graduate students?
Depending on the undergraduate enrollment, housing on campus can be arranged. Learn more on the residence life website

Is financial aid available?
Stafford loans and Research Assistant positions are the primary source of financial aid for MBA students. Learn more on the financial aid office website