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MBA Program


Flexible Options

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Flexibility is one of our greatest strengths

We know you are busy, busy, busy. Squeezing in an advanced degree requires juggling work assignments, family obligations, and a social life along with your studies. We know this, so we've designed a program that offers you both in-person and online classes (the credit requirements are the same). You can mix and match these course options because we offer all courses in both formats.

We also try to accommodate your occasional misses from in-person classes using Skype, so even when you're on the road you can attend class.

Several locations and ways to complete

In addition to offering classes at various satellite locations, there are also a number of ways to fit your classes into your schedule:

Let us help you get started

Contact us early in your search for an MBA program so we can better respond to the requirements of your position, whether you need to travel abroad in the middle of a course, or your relocation to the Quad Cities means your spouse could use some advice about her/his job search.