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MBA Program



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Most full-time faculty members have earned doctoral degrees, and just as many (along with our adjunct faculty) have real-world experiences to bring to the classroom, giving you a blend of theoretical and practical perspectives.

Having faculty members who are current and productive in their fields keeps everyone on the leading edge of learning. Our faculty members challenge you with interesting, real-world projects and processes:

  • Dr. Randy Richards coordinates Business Ethics courses at Ambrose and in Lithuania, where each group works with four corporations in the U.S. or in Lithuania. Through videoconferencing, the students on either side of the Atlantic share their findings to develop a more global understanding of how culture influences the theory and practice of ethics in business.
  • In the capstone course, Dr. Richard Dienesch's student groups submit draft reports, experiencing the process of integrating collegial feedback and change before finalizing documents.
  • Thomas Lawrence '08 explains, "My professor has an edge up on subject matters that I knew about extensively from being in the workplace. My classes include 'new' students who just received their bachelor's degrees to more seasoned people with life experiences. No matter where you're at, we can all challenge and learn from each other."