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Master of Criminal Justice



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The Master of Criminal Justice program is ideal for those interested in upper-level careers in law enforcement, security, corrections, and human services. The degree provides a theoretical basis for topics that apply to the field, for example, using political theories and policy analysis research techniques to improve crime policy.

The program's academic focus also prepares those who want to teach criminal justice or to serve as personnel and training specialists in justice-related organizations. The curriculum addresses social justice topics, including race, class and gender and their impact on the criminal justice system — from arrest through sentencing.

All students complete a short, journal-length thesis project. 

With an average of 10 students, classes are small enough to foster deep, intellectual discussions, but large enough to capture the diverse knowledge our students and faculty bring to the table.

A full-time student can finish the MCJ program in one academic year and a summer session, although most students finish in two years.

Download the MCJ Handbook (pdf)