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Master of Criminal Justice


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the minimum number of credit hours for which I must register to qualify for financial aid?
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What are the opportunities for scholarships and assistantships?
We offer graduate assistantships that reduce the tuition cost and pay a small stipend in exchange of 15 hours of work with the faculty. In addition, we offer a small number of scholarships.
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What is the minimum number of hours for which I must register to determine the status of a full-time student?
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Do you require the GRE?
Not at this time
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On what days and at what times are classes offered?
Many of the classes are offered in the evenings, Monday through Thursday. In addition, some classes are cross-listed with undergraduate classes and are offered during the day.
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What are the requirements for program completion?
Students must complete 30 credit hours and either write a thesis or pass a comprehensive exam.
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What are the benefits of writing a thesis?
Students who write a thesis have the satisfaction of researching a topic in which they have a strong interest, are able to see the fruits of their labors published and retained in the university library and can use the completion of the thesis to gain admission to a doctoral program.
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What are the benefits of earning a graduate degree in criminal justice?
As the field of criminal justice becomes more technical and more competitive, the MCJ allows the practitioner to perform his or her duties with more confidence. For the person seeking his or her first position, the degree demonstrates to potential employers that the person has the skill, intelligence and determination to complete an advanced degree. Furthermore, many positions in the federal system require an advanced degree.
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What is the minimum time in which a student can complete the MCJ?
A full-time student can complete the MCJ in one academic year and a summer session. If the student chooses the thesis option, he/ she may require a longer period to collect and analyze data.
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What is the maximum time I can take to complete the degree?
Most students should complete the degree within five years; however, adjustments are possible for extenuating circumstances.
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What is the application deadline?
We have no definitive deadline.
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