Master of Education in Teaching


Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can apply for this program?
This is a master's program designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, and professionalism of licensed teachers through courses that focus on the teaching outcomes as identified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.
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How do I apply for this degree?
Complete the St. Ambrose University application for graduate studies. You will be asked to write a personal essay demonstrating that your reasons for pursuing this degree are commensurate with the goals of the NBPTS. You will need official transcripts from your undergraduate degree-granting institution and any from institutions where graduate work has been completed.
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Can I just take courses if I do not wish to seek the degree?
Special student status can be granted by the director and the Chair of the Department of Education at SAU.
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How long will it take me to complete my degree?
Nine of the eleven classes that make up the program - the exceptions are the Writing Institute and Vision class - are delivered in an accelerated format of eight-week courses that meet one time per week. The coursework is designed to be completed in a span of two years.
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What is the timetable for applying for the program?
The program will run as a cohort with each new cohort beginning in the spring semester.
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Where and when will the course be offered?
Most courses are offered online. Other classes are offered at St. Ambrose University in Davenport.
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How will this degree help me as a teacher?
In addition to achieving a master's degree at the end of the two year coursework, participants will develop a portfolio which may be submitted to the National Board for certification. Courses are designed around the NB Standards and the process of achieving certification. Teachers will examine their work in line with the Standards and reflect on their practice of improving student learning and achievement. Many refer to this NB certification process as the "best professional development" of their careers. In addition, teachers may elect to receive an elementary reading endorsement as part of this degree.
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What is National Board Certification?
It is a voluntary performance-based assessment through which candidates demonstrate in-depth content knowledge and teaching practices measured against high and rigorous standards. NBPTS offers 25 certificates covering a variety of subject areas and student age groups. As the highest symbol of professional teaching excellence, National Board Certification is a credential attesting to the fact that a teacher or school counselor has been judged as one who is accomplished, makes sound professional judgments about students' learning and acts effectively on those judgments.
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Will NB Certification replace my state teaching license?
No, the NB Certification complements but does not replace state licensing. States and local education agencies use it as a means to identify, reward, and retain highly qualified educators. In addition, many use it as an option for advanced licensing status or for additional monetary compensation.
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Is there any research that says National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) are effective in improving student achievement?
Yes, research (2004) from the University of Washington and the Urban Institute studied more than 600,000 records from third, fourth, and fifth grade students in North Carolina and found that NBCTs do a measurably better job in the classroom. Their students improved an average of 7% more on year-end math and reading tests than students of non-NBCTs. Another study by researchers (2004) at Arizona State University showed students of NBCTs in 14 different Arizona districts outperformed their schoolmates.
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Do I have to apply for NB Certification as part of this program?
No, participants will be expected to complete the portfolio, but application to NB is voluntary.
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What are the tuition costs and other fees association with this program? Are there any scholarships available?
Tuition is set at the rate of $500 per credit hour. The St. Ambrose University Office for Financial Aid provides information on loans for graduate studies.
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