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Master of Organizational Leadership


Career Impact

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St. Ambrose MOL students work in a wide range of industries and seek to develop the organizational leadership knowledge and complex people skills that will help them succeed.

Because effective leadership is needed in both public and private sectors of business, we have students that come from corporations, healthcare institutions, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and churches.

The MOL program develops the capacity to be a lifelong learner—a key aspect that supports the exploration of new professional directions and the assessment of evolving needs for specialty knowledge. Alumni speak highly of how the program has helped transform them professionally and personally; head over to the Testimonials page and read for yourself

Click here to read the impressive list of companies and organizations that employ MOL students and alumni.

Lead Real Change via Work Action-Based Projects

"Because I am in the Organizational Leadership program, I wanted to use my education to implement a change and influence others within the organization to help but NOT to do all of the work myself as I have done historically. I had fun and learned the importance of selecting the proper team."

–Amy K. Larson '12 MOL, '14 MBA