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MSITM Course Descriptions

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CSCI 515 Computer and Network Security, 3 credits
Presents the basic concepts and techniques for securing a computer system and for securing information systems in a network environment. Topics include site security, security management, intrusion detection/protection, integrity management, and event recovery.
Prerequisites: CSCI 270 or equivalent.

CSCI 560 Data Management, 3 credits
Identifies the need for and the steps to achieve a comprehensive enterprise data strategy. Understand techniques for managing abundant information and controlling costs of information processing in decision making contexts.

CSCI 570 Advanced Computer Networks and Data Communications, 3 credits 
Extends understanding of network topics such as network protocols, topologies, frame relay, ATM, virtual networks, WAN, encryption, and other current topics.
Prerequisites: CSCI 270 or equivalent.

CSCI 600 Systems Analysis in the Enterprise, 3 credits 
Explores the different phases involved in developing an information system; planning, analysis, design, and implementation. These phases are examined through the Object Oriented paradigm using the Unified Modeling Language (UML).  Students complete the planning, analysis and design phases of a semester long project. 

CSCI 630 Information Assurance, 3 credits
Study the issues related to managing the computer systems' security function in a corporate setting. Topics include the relationship of security to a corporate mission, creating security plans and policies, budget and implementation 

CSCI 640 Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Technology Management, 3 credits
Explore legal, ethical and social implications of computing from the perspective of the information technology manager.  Examines ethical theory in the context of computing and ethical codes for computing professionals, with emphasis on organizational leadership and management.  Examines current law and court precedents as they pertain to digital creations as intellectual property, software contracts, employer/employee relationships, data security and control, privacy, e-discovery, safety-critical software, and transnational issues.

CSCI 650 Project Management and Control, 3 credits 
Address the business and control aspects of managing projects. Examines how to accurately estimate a project's scope, schedule, budget, and staffing needs. Project control will also be addressed, paying particular attention to critical-path monitoring, activity dependencies, activity lead-lag times, avoiding "scope creep," and critical resources management. 

CSCI 660 Computers and Commerce, 3 credits
Examine the benefits and risks associated with a variety of computerized business systems and the impact of computerization on traditional business processes. The information technology infrastructure required to support automated business process is addressed.

CSCI 740 Management of Information Technology, 3 credits
Addresses management issues surrounding information and telecommunications systems. Presents the ingredients of management knowledge needed to successfully manage information technology. Information technology is viewed from the perspective of managers at several levels, from the CIO to the first line manager. Provides frameworks and management principles that current or aspiring managers can use to cope with the challenges inherent in the implementation of rapidly advancing technology.

CSCI 775 Professional Internship, 1 credit
Supervised professional work experience to provide practical experience in the IT field. May be repeated as needed but credits earned may not be used to replace either a core course or an elective.
Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

CSCI 780 Special Topics in Information Technology, 3 credits
Present special topics from the information technology fields that are not covered in the regular curriculum.  May be repeated with different topics.

CSCI 790 Research, 3 credits
Individual, student-guided research project.  May be repeated for a total of 6 credits.
Prerequisite: Instructor permission.