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Master of Social Work


Career Impact

Student reading with child
What a graduate degree in Social Work from St. Ambrose can do for you

Graduate credentials are becoming increasingly important in the social work profession. Social workers practice in schools, businesses, hospitals, mental health facilities, public welfare, and criminal justice agencies – with a host of emerging employment settings likely to develop in coming years. The future employment outlook is strong for social workers. Salaries are competitive with other graduate-trained professionals.

MSW graduates achieve a thorough understanding of diversity, and human behavior and social contexts which allows them to deliver competent and ethical service. As a master of empowerment practice, you'll help clients gain the skills and confidence they need to effectively find and utilize resources available to them.

An empowerment practice method develops your unwavering commitment to social justice. An empowered individual enters each interaction assuming success, respect, and influence. When such expectations are rewarded, clients receive a sense of person control, self-esteem, and confidence for further interactions at the institutional level.

By focusing on the competencies rather than the deficits of clients, empowerment practice promotes resourcefulness and the development of skills to remove social barriers for individuals and communities.

As a St. Ambrose University MSW graduate, you'll help clients assert their rights, develop their privilege, and fashion just environments. By doing so, you'll be contributing to the formation of a just and ethical society that offers equal access to power by each individual citizen.