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Master of Social Work

Jabari Woods

Jabari Woods photo

Associate Director of Human Resources

Davenport Community School District

"My experience at Ambrose taught me that your education is what you make it. They've given you some diamonds, and now you have to cash them in and make a difference in your own way. You have to let your light shine."

My motto

"If you can inspire someone, it kicks them off on their own journey." 

As an undergrad at Ambrose, Jabari majored in business management and organization. When he wasn’t studying, he spent his time taking service trips, deepening his faith and learning about biblical history. By the time Jabari earned his degree, he’d realized "it’s not all about making money and profit."

Jabari enrolled in the MSW program so he could learn how best to change society. Now, whether he's running a social skills group or creating a grassroots nonprofit that provides financial assistance for kids and families, he’s finding ways to empower others.

In his/her own words

Update: In 2012, Jabari became the Associate Director of Human Resources at Davenport Community School District.

What do you do as a school social worker?

There are so many duties of the job: some include case management of individual education plans for students, counseling and classroom presentations. I make home visits and find ways to provide families with financial assistance. I also create school programs and run social skills groups.

What inspired you to get a MSW?

When I began the MSW program, I was a program instructor at Family Resources. I worked with juvenile delinquents and first-time felons. The campus is comprised of so many different populations. This was my first introduction to social work.

What’s the most valuable thing you learned?

My social work professors all had a way of presenting empowerment, of getting out there to make a difference with integrity. I learned that standing for something means doing something about it. I'm big on dreams, so I try to inspire kids to make an impact in their community right now.

Did your goals change or grow?

I really wanted to make a difference in my community. There's a book called Social Entrepreneurs that taught me that instead of barging into a place and trying to change it with your ideas, you should inspire people within an area to make a difference. I'm currently pursuing a PhD in Management of Nonprofits Organization at Capella University to learn all there is about nonprofits.

After I completed my degree at Ambrose, I created YAH's Dollar Project, Inc., a charitable organization that generates funds to help the less fortunate within our community. It’s inspired by the biblical story of the messiah, Yahshua, who fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Our motto is, "Give a little, change the world."

My vision as founder and CEO is for every school in America to have a fund for kids and families to get financial resources. It's a way to empower people economically and help schools become education/social service institutions. So far the organization has met more than 1,000 needs within the community.