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Master of Social Work

Meredith Chance

Meredith Chance photo

Rockford, Illinois

"Go into the program with an open mind. There is a lot to learn, and the curriculum really stretches you. Be ready to dive deep into issues."

reality consider the bigger picture

What's next?

"My next internship at the Alzheimer's Association is a macro-level internship, so I expect I'll be dealing with policy issues and doing some grant writing."

Meredith earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, so going for an MSW seemed like the logical next step. Her classes at Ambrose helped her to consider the bigger picture. She says, "The Social Policy course really got my classmates fired up. Before, we saw social work practice as one-on-one with clients. Now we can see how it works on the macro level—how governmental policy-making and legislation impact practices."

In his/her own words

Why did you choose Ambrose?

I like small classes and was really interested in the advocacy and empowerment aspects of the curriculum.

Have you been able to integrate what you learned in the field into your classwork?
They complement each other really well. We talk about a theory in class, and you see it play out in the field.

Where have you interned?

My first placement was with Alternatives for the Older Adults in Moline. It provides a variety of services: homemaking, emergency home-response systems and home-delivered meals to name a few. I worked there last year, then over the summer, and now I’m back part-time.

My second placement at Catholic Charities allowed me to work with a different population. I help juveniles in the crisis intervention program.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’m going to apply to law school so I can study public interest law. We talk a lot about policy and advocacy in the program, so I'm going to try to expand on that by becoming an attorney.