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Master of Social Work



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St. Ambrose University offers students a path to a master's degree in social work (MSW) in just five years. We want you to get out there and start living the mission of this University and the School of Social Work – to advocate for a just society and enrich the lives of others.

When you major in Sociology, Psychology, Theology, or Women and Gender Studies, some of your classes will overlap with graduate courses as well as satisfy general education requirements. Instead of taking six years, you'll be here for five and have a well-integrated program that wraps your major into a career.

Download the BA-MSW Fact Sheet (pdf)


Each undergraduate program has its own suggested sequence of courses to take over five years. While students don't have to follow this plan exactly, it's an example of how the degree can be achieved. As an undergraduate, the junior and senior years will overlap with what has traditionally been the first year of the MSW program. 

All requirements of the undergraduate major will be met, as well as General Education requirements. Thirty credits of the MSW will count toward the undergraduate degree.

The Course Sequence for each major is listed below: