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Master of Social Work


Application Criteria

Students will apply to the School of Social Work early in the Spring semester of the Sophomore year. These students will be highly motivated and high achieving students from the undergraduate majors and likely would have identified interest in the BA to MSW track either during the senior year of high school before they enroll or early in their freshman year at St. Ambrose.

The first cohort for this program will begin in Fall 2016.

Before you get started below, read the requirements for each major: Psychology, Sociology, Theology, or Women and Gender Studies. It's a good idea to also include social work courses.


1) Submit a Letter of Request regarding why you are interested in taking social work courses. This can be emailed to You should also share this with your undergraduate advisor.

Include in this letter:

a. Your conception or understanding of the profession of social work.
b. Your interest in exploring a career in the social work profession, including experiences in your own background that have affected this decision.
c. Personal qualities, abilities, or skills that equip you for a career in social work.

2) Submit an academic Letter of Reference (pdf) from someone who is knowledgable of your academic standing. This can be sent via US Mail, faxed, or emailed to It must be received by April 1 to be considered for the following Fall.

3) A minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA is required for consideration.

4) Readiness evaluation: Faculty and Staff in the School of Social Work will use this information, as well as your SAU transcript, in order to evaluate your readiness for these classes.