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Master of Social Work


Field Education

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Field experience offers students an opportunity to apply, refine, and integrate knowledge acquired in the classroom with experiences in social agencies. Theory and practice classes run concurrent with field practicum; our curriculum is designed so that experiences in the field and experiences in the classroom are mutually reinforcing.

Field instruction takes place in community agency settings 16 hours each week over both fall and spring semesters.

The foundation field practicum places emphasis on the application of skills for social work practice in agency settings and prepares students for generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, neighborhoods, communities and the society.

The goal of the concentration year is to develop and increase skills in practice approaches, further the agency mission, examine relevant policies, integrate human and organizational behavior theories, and apply research knowledge. The student's ability to select and use multiple approaches to social work with individuals, families, and groups is also promoted.

The St. Ambrose University School of Social Work field education program offers many different opportunities for both urban and rural placements with numerous agencies in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. To the extent possible, field placements are scheduled close to the student's resident area. Each placement offers the student unique opportunities for learning, networking, and practical experience.

The faculty of the School of Social Work appreciate the contributions of our agency field instructors. Selected for their ability to provide quality instruction, commitment to collaborative participation in professional education, and commitment to client and community service, they are invaluable in the mentoring and education of our graduate students.

Read the Field Education Manual (pdf)

Council on Social Work Education Commission on Accreditation Policy (pdf)