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Master of Social Work


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of your MSW program?
The MSW program, nationally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, prepares graduates for empowerment social work practice. Empowerment social workers help clients assert their rights, develop their privilege, and create responsive environments. By doing so, you will be contributing to the formation of a just and ethical society that offers equal access to power for each individual citizen.

How and when do I apply for admission to the MSW Program?
The admissions process includes an application to the University and an application to the MSW program. To apply to the program, visit the MSW Apply Online page and follow the steps.

What are the application deadlines for admission to the MSW program?
Applications cannot be acted upon until all application materials are received. Application for admission is a rolling admission. Admission closes when all student positions are filled. It is to your advantage to complete the application process early.

Students should be aware of the following deadlines for submitting completed applications.

  • Full-time study applications must be received by May 15.
  • Part-time study applications must be received by August 1.
  • Advanced-standing study applications must be received by May 15 (for summer semester enrollment) or by December 1 (for spring semester enrollment).

How many credit hours will I take?

Full-time students take 60 credit hours, of which 20 credit hours are related to field practicum and field seminar. Students admitted to our MSW program who have a BSW degree may receive advanced standing credit for up to 21 hours.

Where will I complete my MSW practicum experiences?
We have opportunities for practicum placement in over 350 social service agencies in the region. You will work with our Director of Field Education in selecting a site that best suits your educational goals. Students complete a fieldwork practicum in both years of the full-time program. All field students are at their field agency for a minimum of 16 hours/week during both the fall and spring semesters. Students in the Advanced Standing Program complete field work during their one year in full-time residence. Part-time students complete field work during the fall and spring terms of their second and third years of study. Click here for more information on field and field prospective agencies.

Where can I find information on housing in Davenport, Iowa or the Quad Cities area?
Click here for a comprehensive list of websites (and phone numbers) that focus on housing and rentals both in Iowa and Illinois, all within 30 minutes of St. Ambrose University. Other interesting stats and info on living in the Quad Cities and Davenport can also be found there.

For information on graduate student housing, visit the Residence Life website.