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Master of Social Work



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The Master of Social Work curriculum is designed so that students take classes concurrently with field experience, mutually reinforcing the practice of empowerment.

Because faculty also collaborate on integrating the curriculum, all of the different courses and field experiences students take fit together, creating a multi-level understanding of the practice of empowerment.


The program recognizes the importance and necessity of effective advocacy, and weaves these skills (such as reaching out to legislators) into the curriculum. As a result, students learn how to influence policymaking as well as day-to-day issues in the lives of their clients.

From degree to career

Our graduates are able to measure the return on their educational investment not only through their own career advancement, but perhaps even more importantly by their client's ability to effectively find and confidently use the resources available to them.

Master of Social Work alumni work in:

  • Schools
  • Mental health and substance abuse
  • Family support
  • Community advocacy
  • Adoption and foster care
  • Child and family services
  • Homelessness prevention and outreach