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Master of Speech-Language Pathology




To be considered for admittance to the Master of Speech-Language Pathology, you must meet the following requirements:

  • An overall GPA of 2.85 or higher at the time of application, as verified by CSDCAS, and at the time of enrollment in the program.
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher in courses directly related to the study of communication sciences and disorders at the time of application and at the time of enrollment in the program.
  • GRE scores are not required for admission to St. Ambrose University's Master of Speech-Language Pathology program
  • The applicant must have demonstrated knowledge of the biological sciences, physical sciences, statistics, and the social/behavioral sciences.  Documentation of meeting this requirement (transcripts submitted to CSDCAS):
    • At least one course in Biology with a grade of B or higher
    • At least one course in Physics or Chemistry with a grade of B or higher
    • At least one course in Statistics with a grade of B or higher
    • At least one course in Social/Behavioral sciences with a grade of B or higher
      *A grade of a B minus or lower, or a passing grade in a course taken pass/fail, does not count towards meeting any of these general education requirements. 
  • Completion of the following pre-professional courses prior to enrollment in the SAU MSLP Program
    • Phonetics
    • Articulation and Phonological Disorders
    • Anatomy, and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms
    • Speech and Hearing Science
    • Language Development
    • Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation

    *Note that the general education area courses and the pre-professional courses listed above do not need to be completed at the time of your application. However, applicants must have a plan in place for completing them before fall enrollment in the SAU - MSLP program. The CSDCAS application provides a section for entering planned or in-progress coursework. You should include any classes you are planning to take but have not currently taken in the section of planned courses.

  • The Centralized Application Service was created to provide a convenient process for prospective students to apply to multiple schools using a single Web-based application. This portal is generally made available in September or October. This is the only way to apply to the SAU graduate speech-language pathology program; you do not need to apply separately to St. Ambrose.

  • Documentation of 25 hours of observation.  *Note that applicants do not submit this at the time of application, and you are not required to submit it through CSDCAS. Documentation must be received before fall enrollment from applicants who receive offers of admission to our program.

  • Three letters of recommendation, submitted electronically through CSDCAS.
  • Official transcripts must be submitted through CSDCAS.

Interview process:

Once applicants are considered eligible for interviews after review of their completed files, they will be notified of available interview dates and invited by the MSLP Program's Admissions Committee to schedule an on-campus interview.  Interview dates for Fall 2017 TBD.  Typically we have one Saturday in February and one Saturday in March.  *There is the possibility of a remote interview for applicants outside of a six-hour driving distance.

A typical interview day involves participation in the following activities: an interview with a group of faculty and current students and/or alumni, a tour of our facility, and question & answer session with our Clinical Director and Program Director, and opportunities to talk informally with current students/alumni.  Students will also be asked to provide a writing sample in response to a prompt.  Interview and writing sample responses will be evaluated using rubrics established for this purpose.  Prospective students' application, interviews, and writing samples are evaluated using rubrics that were developed by the MSLP Program.  The MSLP Admissions Committee makes admission recommendations to the Program Director, who notifies each applicant in writing of the admission decision.