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Master of Speech-Language Pathology


Guided Research Projects

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All students complete a graduate research project under the guidance of a faculty member. Students may research topics that they're passionate about, and faculty may also incorporate students into their own work.

Sample topics include:

  • Development of an emergent literacy screening instrument for three- and four-year-old children
  • Modification of the LIPS™ program for two- and three-year-old children
  • Attitudes of monolingual SLPs towards bilingual SLPs
  • Preschool Name Writing Scale: An investigation of Inter-rater Reliability
  • The Relationship Between Physical Movement and Enhanced Learning of Phonological Skills in a Child with a Phonological Disorder
  • Reducing Foreign Accent: A Case Study
  • Elementary School Principals' Perceptions of Speech-Language Pathologists' Role in their Schools
  • Comparison of Initiation Using Static and Dynamic AAC Devices
  • The Impact of See the Sound Visual Phonics on the Phonemic Awareness Skills of Kindergarten Students
  • College Students' Awareness of Aphasia
  • Quality of Life in Persons with Aphasia
  • The Use of Video Modeling to Teach Appropriate Social Engagement Behaviors to a Child with Autism
  • Teachers' Perception of the Role of Speech-Language Pathologists in Early Elementary Classrooms
  • Effectiveness of Mnemonics Versus Association Memory Compensation in Strategies for an Individual with Traumatic Brain Injury
  • The Effects of Incorporating Singing into a Parkinson's Support Group