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Mathematics and Statistics

Timothy Gillespie

Timothy Gillespie photo

Assistant Professor

Mathematics and Statistics

Main Campus
Ambrose Hall, 418
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803


Why did you decide to study math?

I studied mathematics because I felt like it was a language that I could never learn by myself, and that becoming fluent in it would open up doors to many of the other sciences

Dr. Gillespie primarily teaches analysis and statistics-related courses, including mathematical programming and elementary number theory. He specializes in analytic number theory and statistics including zero distribution of automorphic L-functions and related prime number theorems. Dr. Gillespie is a member of the American Mathematical Society.

Download Dr. Gillespie's CV (pdf)

Education and Training

PhD, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

BS/BA, St. Ambrose University

Courses Taught

Calculus I-III
Differential Equations
Probability and Statistics I
Abstract Algebra
Real Analysis
Complex Analysis
Elementary Number Theory
Mathematical Programming

Recent Publications

T. Gillespie (2017). Solvable base change and Rankin-Selberg convolutions. Science China Mathematics. Vol. 60,1. Pp 99-112. DOI: 10.1007/s11425-015-0572-1.

T. Gillespie, Y. Ye (2016). Zero correlation with lower order terms for automorphic L-functions. International Journal of Number Theory. Vol. 12,1. DOI 10.1142/S1793042116500032.

Ilwoo Cho, T. Gillespie (2015). Free probability on Hecke algebras. Complex Analysis and Operator Theory. Vol. 9,7. Pp. 1491-1531. DOI 10.1007/s11785-014-0403-1.

Ilwoo Cho, T. Gillespie, P. Jorgensen (2015). Asymptotic free probability for arithmetic functions and factorization of Dirichlet series. Journal of Analysis and Mathematical Physics. Vol 6,3. 255-295 DOI 10.1007/s13324-015-0117-1.

T. Gillespie (2014). On a Rankin-Selberg L-Function over Different Fields. Journal of Numbers. Vol 2014, Article ID 314173, 7 pages,

T. Gillespie, Y. Ye (2014). The prime number theorem and Hypothesis H with lower-order terms. Journal of Number Theory. Vol 141. Pp 59-82.

T. Gillespie (2013). Factorization of Automorphic L-functions and their Zero Statistics. International Journal of Number Theory. Vol 9,6. 1367.

T. Gillespie, G. Ji (2010). A prime number theorem for Rankin-Selberg L-functions over number fields. Science China Mathematics. Vol. 53,1. Pp 1-10. Also available on ArXive:0910.3660.