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Mathematics and Statistics


Why Math at St. Ambrose?

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It all adds up to a great education!

Quality Instructors
At St. Ambrose, you won't passively attend classes taught by graduate teaching assistants. Instead, you'll work with a talented group of faculty dedicated to guiding you towards mastery of the knowledge, skills, and tools you'll need to reach your career goals. Each of our highly-trained, experienced faculty members have earned Ph.D. degrees and are willing to work with you one-on-one to maximize your education.

Students working towards a B.S. in Mathematics will work closely with a faculty member on an undergraduate research project in our MATH 400: Topics in Mathematics course, and seniors can design their own math courses. Our faculty, who specialize in algebra, number theory, and statistics, have published research and have done extensive consulting work in mathematics and statistics.

A Focus on Learning
Many larger institutions focus on research. At St. Ambrose, our focus is on learning. Whether you want to enter a graduate program, seek immediate employment, or teach mathematics, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics will work to ensure you have a breadth and depth of knowledge; communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills; and tools to reach your goals. When you graduate from our program, you will have the ability to continue your learning independently or in a formal graduate program.

Integrated Interdisciplinary Learning
Whether you're interested in earning a major, a minor, or simply improving your quantitative problem solving skills, St. Ambrose is for you! A bachelor's in Mathematics can be paired with a second major (e.g., Finance, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry) to open up even more post-graduation opportunities. Students majoring in other disciplines may choose to show future employers their quantitative skills by earning a Minor in Mathematics.

Wide Range of Career Opportunities
Earning a degree in Mathematics from St. Ambrose will open many doors. Most of our recent graduates have begun rewarding careers in mathematics teaching and actuarial science. Other students have found success in graduate programs in Measurement & Statistics, Neuroscience, Mathematics, and Mathematics Education. Two of our graduates went on to earn Ph.D. degrees and are now teaching in our department!