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+FREN101. First Semester French 3 credits Acquaints the student with French through experiences in the five language skills of understanding, speaking, reading, writing and culture. Offered in the fall.

+FREN102. Second Semester French 3 credits Continuation of FREN 101. Offered in the spring. Prerequisite: French 101 or equivalent score on placement exam.

+FREN103. Accelerated Beginning French 5 credits Combines course content of the first two semesters of basic French (101, 102) in one semester of accelerated study. Acquaints students with basic language skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing of simple non-literary French prose on high-frequency topics. Learning and language practice occurs in context of geographical and cultural topics of interest in the French-speaking world. Instructor's permission required.

FREN201. Third Semester French 3 credits Enhance and expand French language skills and understanding of cultural differences. Prerequisites: Fren 102 or Fren 103, or equivalent score on placement exam.

FREN202. Fourth Semester French 3 credits Students will develop reading strategies, increase vocabulary, and explore more advanced grammatical concepts through cultural readings Prerequisites: FREN201 or equivalent score on placement exam.

FREN301. Advanced French I 3 credits An expansion of reading, writing and language skills through the advanced study of grammar, stylistics, and vocabulary in short fiction texts and non-fiction articles. Prerequisite: FREN202.

FREN302. Advanced French II 3 credits Continuation of FREN 301 with goal of further expanding language skills, especially aural comprehension and conversational skills, through French and Francophone cinema, television and radio. Prerequisite: FREN202.

FREN 303. Social Issues in the French-speaking World 3 credits This course introduces students to some major writers and filmmakers whose themes, techniques and major works examine women and marginalized groups in the Francophone (French-speaking) countries of Haiti, Algeria, Senegal, and France. Topics will include colonization, decolonization, race, class, language choices, religion, marriage, immigration, and violence. Students will improve their literacy of the Francophone world as well as improve their reading and analytical skills. Prerequisites: FREN 301 or 302 or equivalent.

FREN 304. French and Francophone Cinema 3 credits This general introduction to French and Francophone cinema will trace some key moments in France's film industry from the silent era to the present. We will study leading filmmakers and movements. Class discussions will consider how cinema represents historical context and social issues such as racism. Students will see role France has historically played and sometimes continues to play across the globe. Students will also learn strategies for analyzing visual texts. Prerequisites FREN 301 or 302 or equivalent.

FREN 310. Special Topics in French and Francophone Studies 3-9 credits Includes the study of topics, sometimes a literary genre or period, which are dealt with in more detail than is possible in a survey of literature course, or work in syntax or vocabulary building as a means of expression, or problematic points in grammar. Topics to be announced. May be repeated if topics are different. Prerequisites: FREN 301, 302.

FREN400. Capstone Experience 3 credits A required course for French majors to be taken during the final year of study. This course is an independent study for which students create a portfolio of their studies in French and design and complete a final project with the guidance of their advisor in the department. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission required.

+ = Applicable toward general education degree requirements
WI = Writing intensive course

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