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Degree Requirements

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Degree Requirements

Requirements for a Major:
A minimum of 18 semester credits of French (at the 300-400 level) and one full semester study abroad. The study abroad program and all course work taken abroad for credit toward a French degree, must be approved by the French advisor or the chair of the department.
Classes on campus: A minimum of 9 hours at the 300-level on the St. Ambrose campus and FREN 400 (Capstone)
Classes abroad: A minimum of 9 hours in French. Courses abroad to be chosen in consultation with the French advisor.

Teaching majors need to complete EDUC 344, and a program of study approved by both their French and Education advisors.

Requirements for a Minor:
12 semester credits of French in courses at the 300-level, at least six of which must be taken on the SAU campus, and a short-term study abroad experience in a program approved by the faculty of the Modern Languages Department. Coursework will be selected in consultation with the French advisor.