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Course Catalog

+GS101.  First Semester German 3 credits Acquaints the student with the German-speaking world through experience in the five language skills of understanding, speaking, reading, writing and culture.

+GS102.  Second Semester German 3 credits Continuation of GS 101. Prerequisite: GS 101 or equivalent score on placement test.

+GS103.  Accelerated Beginning German 5 credits Combines the course content of the first two semesters of basic German (101 & 102) in one semester of accelerated study. This course acquaints students with the basic language skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing of simple non-literary German prose on high-frequency topics. Learning and language practice occurs in the context of geographical and cultural topics of interest in the German-speaking world. Instructor's permission or appropriate score on placement test.

GS201.  Third Semester German 3 credits Review and greater mastery of written and spoken German. Readings of German texts. Grammar review. Prerequisites: GS101, 102 or equivalent score on placement exam.

GS202.   Fourth Semester German 3 credits Continuation of GS 201. Prerequisites: GS 101, 102 and 201or equivalent score on placement exam.

GS301.  Advanced German I 3 credits Advanced study of grammar, style and syntax. Development of both written and oral skills. Emphasis on acquiring composition skills. Readings from collections of short stories. Prerequisite: GS 202.

GS302.  Advanced German II 3 credits Continuation of GS301 with greater emphasis on conversational skills and use of colloquial German. Readings from German texts, television and radio. Prerequisite: GS202 suggested.

GS303.  German Short Story 3 credits Readings and discussions from a variety of authors, including the Grimm Brothers, Böll, Grass and Borchert. Designed primarily to develop and enhance literacy in German. Prerequisite: GS 202.

GS304.  German Film 3 credits German films and documentaries that deal with World War II and its aftermath. Investigation of how Germans are attempting to come to terms with their past and how they continue to struggle to re-define themselves. Prerequisite: GS 202.

GS 310.  Special Topics in German 3-9 credits Topics, sometimes a literary genre or period, which are dealt with in more detail than is possible in a survey of literature course, or work in syntax or vocabulary building as a means of expression, or problematic points in grammar. Topics to be announced. May be repeated if topics are different. Prerequisites: GS 301, 302 or equivalent on placement exam.

GS320.  Independent German 1-6 credits Department approval. Repeatable. Prerequisites: GS301, 302or equivalent  

+ = Applicable toward general education degree requirements
WI = Writing intensive course