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German Study Abroad

Semester/Summer in Germany

All German Studies minors must study abroad. Nearly everyone chooses to attend the Intensive German Language program at the Collegium Palatinum in Heidelberg, Germany.

Unlike most American semester programs in Germany, this program can accommodate the neophyte and the advanced student of German who is interested in acquiring and refining his/her language skills in record time.

A student's language competency is determined on the first day of class with the help of a written placement test, and he/she is placed at one of the levels of instruction commensurate with his/her training, background, and test score.

Instruction is conducted at all times by highly-trained, qualified, university-educated native speakers of German. Innovative teaching methodology is combined with cutting edge technology to provide an enriching learning experience.

Students register for 12 American college credits and enter one of the five levels of language instruction consisting of 25 hours of instruction per week, bringing the total number of contact hours during the eight-week semester to 200. That means that during a 16-week semester, students earn 24 hours of academic credit that transfers directly to St. Ambrose University.


Your study abroad experience will require assistance from these offices on campus.

1.  Modern Languages and Cultures Department

  • List of approved programs and some information about them
  • Help choosing the right program for you
  • Help determining the courses you will take abroad
  • Determining transfer equivalencies for Spanish courses taken abroad (for transfer credit in non-Spanish courses, work with the Office of International Education and Study Abroad)
  • Study Abroad scholarships from the Modern Languages Department ONLY

2.  Financial Aid Office

  • Information about applying your financial aid package to study abroad 
  • Which of the programs we offer would be most affordable for you
  • How any study abroad scholarships will be credited to your account (see info about scholarships for study abroad on Modern Languages homepage and inquire about other scholarship opportunities in the Study Abroad office)

3.  Office of International Education and Study Abroad

  • Additional information about your program
  • Application procedures (fees, deadlines, etc) and most paperwork involved
  • Program prices
  • Deadlines
  • Travel trips (getting there, etc.)
  • Documents (visa, passport, etc.)
  • Scholarships (non-Modern Languages scholarships)
  • Pre-departure orientation (mandatory)
  • Approval of transfer credit