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Requirements for a Minor in German


  • GS classes through 202 (12 hours);
  • Study Abroad: a minimum of one short-term experience in Germany or Austria;
  • 12 credits of electives from the following: 

+AH 250 Art Through the Ages I
+AH 251 Art Through the Ages II
+AH 320: Advanced Topics in Art History: History of Graphic Design, 351
ECON 331 International Economics
+HIST 320 European Topics: Christianity and Culture, Early, and Medieval
+HIST 336 The Irish in America
+HIST 337 Northern Ireland
+HIST 345 European Topics: Life, Liberty, and Leviathan 
+INTL 221 Survey of International Business
INTL 370 International Field Experience
INTL 372 Managing Across Cultures
INTL 377 Political and Regulatory Environment of International Business
INTL 399 Topics in International Business
IS 103 International Experience (1 credit)
+IS 210 Selected Topics in Culture and Civilization
MKTG/INTL 322 International Marketing 
+PHIL 365 History of 16th to 18th Century Philosophy
+PHIL 367 History of 19th and 20th Century Philosophy
+WI-PHIL 375 Existentialism 
+PSCI 130 Global Issues
+PSCI 309 International Politics  
+PSCI 313 Foreign Policy of United States 
PSCI 316 International Law and Organizations
PSCI 319 Comparative Politics
THEO 308 
THEO 345 
THEO 403

+ = Applicable toward general education degree requirements
WI = Writing intensive course